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Solar Power – Save With Solar

Solar power is clean, green, and with the current government incentives, extremely affordable! The solar credit subsidy provided by the government is helping ordinary home owners install extraordinary technology in their home to make them less dependent on fossil fuels, and thus lowering emissions caused by coal power generation.

So why should you make the switch to Solar?

  • Save on electricity bills
  • Produce your own clean power source which results in a better environment
  • Modern solar systems are quality built and will last for years and can add value to your home
  • Our quality installs are highly efficient and low maintenance
  • You can make money from excess power you feed back into the grid
  • Energy prices are predicted to skyrocket – you can get prepared now

If you invest in solar panels, you see returns straight away when your power bills decrease, and in roughly five years when your system has “paid itself off”, you might even start to make a profit on power you are feeding back into the grid! It really is money well spent on your home!

Solar power is a much more environmentally responsible source of energy than traditional forms of energy. Solar energy does not release greenhouses gases, carcinogens and CO2 like traditional fossil fuels.  With many in the community concerned about the impact our lifestyle is having on the environment, we can provide quality systems for the home, business or school, which allow people to enjoy the freedom and convenience of modern electrical equipment (e.g. large TV’s, home theatre/audio systems, multiple networked computers, home automation), while also decreasing their carbon footprint.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the rising costs of electricity, or simply want to do your part to create a greener, more energy efficient Australia, now is the perfect time to invest in solar power.

What we offer

Save With Solar offer a complete design, supply, install and commission service for homes, businesses, Community Groups and Schools across the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne.

  • Accredited Installers and quality assured electrical work

Because of the government push behind the industry, there are a lot of people who are in the business to make money out of solar power’s growing popularity. These people don’t always have a long-term background in the electrical industry. We have seen many solar exclusive companies come and go in recent years.  Our company has been offering electrical services since 2003, and solar installations since 2009. You will be dealing directly with a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Installer.

  • A free preliminary site assessment to offer expert, customised advice

We are experienced and qualified in being able to assess your individual property and energy usage to determine what size system will best suit your needs, enabling you to minimise the cost of the system you install and maximise the returns you will see from it.

  •  Personal service

We are a family-owned business, which means you will have direct contact with the business owners who take pride in providing a friendly, high-quality service to all their clients.  Many solar installers are large multi-national companies who are ultimately controlled by board members and shareholders who are interested only in the bottom line. Our business remains competitive on prices with the big companies, as our overheads are much lower. When you choose to go with Save With Solar for your solar installation, you will receive customised, friendly and reliable service at a very competitive price.


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