Electrical Services


Since starting in 2003 DT Electrical and Data Communications has provided professional electrical services to the greater metropolitan area of Melbourne such as:

Commercial, Industrial & Construction

DT Electrical have extensive experience in commercial electrical and construction projects in Melbourne. Our reliable team can can provide economical solutions to suit your needs. 

New builds and fit outs

Electrical Upgrades and Improvements

Comprehensive lighting installation services

Testing and safety checks

Electrical work can be dangerous, especially in inexperienced hands. Our priority is maintaining electrical safety for all our customers.

DT Electrical can solve your electrical problems efficiently and you can rely on us to deliver personalised friendly service, accurate quotes and high quality workmanship by licensed professionals.

We can provide a quote based on the amount of work required rather on an hourly basis, at a competitive fixed rates, allowing you to budget your works accordingly. 

Please contact us on 0457 772 977 to discuss how we can assist with the electrical services you require.



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